"Call of the Mild"

This is the story of Jack London, who was rescued after the book was released.

One day not long ago, my daughter Desiree, infused by my passion for rescuing dogs, tried to rescue a Pit Bull she had found on Craigslist. Her dog, also a Pit Bull, was having none of it! Desiree was desperate. Jack had already won her heart and the hearts of her family. Who you gonna call? MOM! She called me pleading, "Please take this dog!" I was down to two and had room for one more. However, I was not looking for one more! I answered smugly, "It all depends upon my dogs and whether or not they accept him," thinking there was only a remote chance that they both would.

A little background: Jack had been abandoned in a house at about six months old. His tail had been docked when he was found by the landlord. Really people, pay to have the tail docked and then abandon the dog? You can't take care of him‽ The landlord gave him to another tenant who, nine months later, lost their jobs and house and were forced to live in a van with three children and three dogs. They wanted the best for him, but were desperate! It was obvious he was bonded with the mother of the family. When she left him at our house, she cried and he was very depressed. Oh yeah, my dogs welcomed him like a long-lost brother. He even let everyone mount him! Dogs rule! Done deal.

Jack was a mess. He was so skinny you could count every rib and vertebra. He never had shots, was never castrated, had ear and skin infections, scratched constantly, and had loose bowels. He also did not endear himself to me when he defecated all over my garden Buddha then fell into my swimming pool. He was worried, anxious, and pitiful.

The first night, Jack wouldn't come into the house. He spent the night on a loveseat in the sun room. We left the door open in case he wanted to come in, he did not. I didn't sleep at all. At 5:30 AM, I went out and sat beside him, he put his head in my lap. I told him how much I wanted this to work out and said "You don't know it yet, but you have won the Pit Bull lottery." I cried. I petted him. My vet later suggested that I should have read my book to him. When I got up, he followed me into the house and never slept on the loveseat again!

Jack's first week here, I spent over $600 on him, including shots and neutering. I swore to him that if he could make it through the week, I would spoil him rotten. We both made good. I tried to have him sleep on the couch since I was already sharing my bed with Madolyn, but I'd worry about him all night. He definitely needed lots of love and physical contact for his fear of abandonment and separation anxiety. So, he was invited to the bed where we all now sleep like babies.

Jack still looks worried, but less so. He has gained weight and his beautiful coat is better. When he is really happy, he likes to pick up a small throw rug and shake it hard. He has not grinned at me yet, but he knows what it means to win the Pit Bull lottery. He follows me everywhere. I can take him anywhere, nothing bothers him. Madolyn has her boy toy and I feel like some of my precious PJ has come back to me. We are all happy campers!